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Contour curves & reduce fat
for a more youthful physique

Liposuction in New York and New Jersey

Most women gain about thirty pounds during a normal pregnancy. While much of this weight is baby-related, the rest is largely fat in the midsection area. This added weight is sometimes difficult to lose through diet and exercise alone, even assuming that you have vast amounts of time to spend in the gym and complete control over your own eating habits. For most new mothers, neither of these conditions apply. So, for many new moms who are upset over their appearances, liposuction is the best option.
Dr. Michael Fiorillo specializes in all aspects of a Mommy Makeover, including liposuction. His expert skill is not just limited to the operating area, because he has spoken with thousands of women just like you about the things that a Mommy Makeover can, and cannot, do. We’re confident that once you finish your initial consultation, you will be a lifelong Dr. Fiorillo patient.

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What to Expect

Liposuction is not a substitute for weight loss, but rather an advanced way to re-contour and slim certain parts of the body, such as:
During pregnancy, many women accumulate excess fat in their abdominal regions, which includes the lower back, and in their ankles and calves.
New moms who are in good health and have been unable to lose stubborn clumps of “baby fat” are usually good candidates for liposuction. Furthermore, it is important to be ready for the emotional aspects of liposuction. Lipo will most likely change your life, and it is important to undergo this procedure for yourself and not for anyone else.
During the procedure itself, Dr. Fiorillo extracts fat cells using either cutting-edge ultrasonic-assisted lipectomy (UAL) or more traditional suction-assisted lipectomy (SAL). The method used largely depends on the amount of fat. Again depending on the amount of fat, the procedure usually lasts between one and five hours, and recovery takes between ten and fourteen days.


Select areas of the body have excess fat strategically removed during the liposuction process.
When fat is targeted and removed from specific areas of the body, the proportions of your body can be improved.
After fatty tissue is eliminated from the desired areas, the outcome is a tighter, trimmer body contour.


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Why Choose Dr. Fiorillo

There are several things to keep in mind when selecting a cosmetic surgeon. Location is obviously an issue, since the entire Mommy Makeover process may consume several appointments. Selecting a Board Certified surgeon is important as well, as some other doctors may not have the same level of expertise or experience. Finally, the surgeon should have a proven track record of positive results.
Dr. Fiorillo is double Board Certified, has two clinic locations, and his results speak for themselves.


Dr. Ingargiola’s philosophy is to listen and work closely with his patients to understand their individual goals. He understands that every patient is unique and deserving of more than a “one size fits all” approach. With this philosophy, Dr. Ingargiola provides each patient with a highly specialized treatment plan to achieve beautiful, long-lasting, and natural-appearing results. He not only wants to give his patients the best results possible but also the safest. Dr. Ingargiola provides care throughout the entire process, including the patient’s general health before surgery. He believes it is crucial to develop a long-lasting relationship that continues well beyond surgery.


Am I an ideal candidate for liposuction?

This procedure is intended for patients who are near their ideal weight and in good physical and mental health. You should be at a stable weight, as liposuction is not a treatment for obesity or to replace exercise and healthy eating habits.

Can I combine liposuction with other techniques?

Many patients choose to combine their liposuction with procedures such as include a breast reduction, Mommy Makeover, facelift, or abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). This allows multiple concerns to be addressed at once. Discuss your cosmetic goals with Dr. Fiorillo during your consultation to ensure optimal results.

What results can I expect? How long do they last?

Your body fat is removed from the body permanently, leaving behind a sculpted, trim physique. Patients who follow a healthy lifestyle and get plenty of exercise can prolong their results and improve their outcome. Your results can be seen immediately, and continue to improve over the next few months as any residual swelling dissipates.

What is the recovery like after liposuction?

We encourage patients to begin regular, gentle walking immediately to help the recovery process. Most of your symptoms should subside within a few days. Many patients return to work within a few days, if no heavy lifting or strenuous activities are required. Light exercise can resume after three to seven days. Heavy activities and exercise should wait for approximately one month following liposuction. It can take up to several months to see the full benefits of your procedure.

Will Liposuction Leave Obvious Scars?

Incisions are made strategically in inconspicuous locations and are very thin and small. Any visible scarring should heal and begin to fade with time.

What are the potential risks involved?

Risks can be minimized when a qualified surgeon performs the procedure, and all pre- and post-operative instructions are carefully followed. Potential complications may include the following:

  • Burns
  • Delays in the healing process
  • Fat or blood clots
  • Fluid accumulation
  • Infection
  • Irregularities in appearance, such as asymmetric or sagging skin, pigmentation changes, and/or numbness
  • Lidocaine toxicity
  • Perforation injury
  • Shock
  • Unfavorable drug or anesthesia reactions (allergies)

Doing your research and identifying a surgical expert, such as Dr. Fiorillo, can help ensure your safety and comfort. Any risks or complications associated with your procedure will be thoroughly explained.

How much does liposuction cost?

Each patient’s situation is unique, so the details you and Dr. Fiorillo discuss during your private consultation will determine the price of your surgery. Factors that will affect the cost may include surgical fees, anesthesia fees, the techniques used, and the amount of fat to be removed.


When you feel better about yourself and you look good, it’s contagious… The Mommy Makeover… I would definitely recommend this to any woman who is finished having her babies and is not getting the results they want to get by exercise alone. This is definitely the way to go. I was nervous to go under anesthesia… It was a little scary, but coming here and speaking to Dr. Fiorillo and the other doctors… Everybody reassured me that I was in good hands, and I truly felt that I was in good hands.
I felt like a part of me was missing… I was getting back something that was lost. I think that any woman that does lose her breast volume should definitely do [a breast augmentation]. Some of the other surgeons tried to sell me on other services, or things that I didn’t feel that I wanted. …When I came in [to the office] there was no pressure… I knew what I wanted and I was given the options and information to make my decision.

I had a tummy tuck, breast lift, and breast augmentation a week ago and I cannot say enough about the way I was treated!!! Dr. Fiorillo and his staff are absolutely wonderful. They are warm, caring, upfront, honest, and best of all, easily accessible should one have any questions or concerns. I would recommend him to anyone.

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**Results may vary. We are reputable for complete customer satisfaction for completed treatments. Before and after images reflect real results from real patients, although individual results may vary.