Breast Lifts (Mastopexies) in New York and New Jersey

Breast Lift Pearl River NYVery commonly, pregnancy and breastfeeding result in a significant loss of firmness and shape, and many new mothers understandably feel very self-conscious about their busts in certain social or other situations. Motherhood causes other more localized issues as well, such as stretched areolas and sagging nipples. The idea behind a mastopexy is basically the same idea behind liposuction, which is that removing excess fat and tightening muscles can produce amazing results.

Double Board Certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael Fiorillo is one of the leading doctors in this area, and he has dedicated much of his career to women just like you who long for their pre-pregnancy bodies but do not think there is any way to fulfil their dreams. A breast lift, especially when part of a Mommy Makeover, can make you look and feel years younger, giving you more energy and confidence.

Mastopexies: A Primer

Breast lifts are usually reserved for a special category of woman. Many mothers were once happy with both the size and the projection in both their breasts, and while the size has remained relatively the same, the shape has changed noticeably. Drooping and sagging bust lines are exactly what breast lifts are designed to correct, because these procedures do not alter breast size. For this reason, many women also consider a breast augmentation or a breast reduction alongside a mastopexy.

Depending on what doctor and patient decide is best, Dr. Fiorillo can perform a number of breast lift procedures that fit your needs, expectations, and lifestyle. If significant drooping is an issue, Dr. Fiorillo usually recommends a traditional mastopexy that involves an anchor-shaped incision along the lower part of the breast. In some cases, a more conservative “lollipop lift,” or even an incision strictly around the areola, may be appropriate.

All three procedures are outpatient matters that usually take between one and three hours.


About your Consultation

During your first visit, Dr. Fiorillo works to accomplish several things. First and foremost, he will listen to your concerns about your body and your expectations for the procedure. These are incredibly important bedrock matters that cannot be rushed. Then, based on your concerns, goals, and general condition, Dr. Fiorillo will recommend a treatment plan that’s consistent with all these areas. Finally, our staff will walk you through every aspect of the surgery, from financial matters to an anticipated recovery schedule.

Reach Out to Us Today

Even though new patient space is limited, we can always make time to see you and learn more about your needs. If these needs include a differently-shaped bust line, or any other part of a mommy makeover, contact us online or call (845) 284-9422 today.

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