September 29, 2015

What To Expect From My Mommy Makeover


The elation of a new birth can bring with it, undesired effects on a new mother’s body. Oftentimes after birth, women experience stretch marks and less taut muscles in their bellies as well as drooping or less perky breasts from breast-feeding. Many women may feel that their youthful pre-child bodies are now unattainable, though thanks to Dr. Fiorillo and his mommy makeover cosmetic procedures, you can look forward to looking even better than before.

So what can you expect from a mommy makeover? In short, a confident outlook and gorgeous body. A mommy makeover is typically a combination of an abdominoplasty, liposuction and variation of breast surgery—breast augmentation, reduction or lift. The cumulative effects of these three procedures help to restore your pre-maternity figure. More so, if you are interested in an additional cosmetic procedure, double board certified surgeon Dr. Fiorillo has the vast experience in all types of cosmetic procedures to make you look your best.

Best of all, you are most likely an ideal candidate for our mommy makeovers! If you are a healthy new mother who is no longer breast-feeding, schedule a consultation with Dr. Fiorillo at his two convenient New Jersey and New York locations. Each surgery brings with it recommendations for the ideal candidate, and Dr. Fiorillo will address these during your visit.

Especially with a new little one to take care of, many mothers ask whether our mommy makeover procedures are safe. All surgery carries inherent risks, though all mommy makeover cosmetic procedures are considered to be generally low-risk and safe. Above all, the most important safety factor is the skill and experience of the surgeon. With Dr. Fiorillo, who has been a practicing surgeon since 1998, rest assured that you are in the most capable of hands.

Schedule a consultation at our convenient New York or New Jersey locations and learn how we can help you look your best. Call 845-867-2594 today.

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