January 9, 2019

What About Anesthesia When I Get My Mommy Makeover?


Despite the excitement of getting a makeover, and anticipating the pending improvements, anxiety about the procedure itself can be more distressing than anything. And oftentimes the idea of being put under anesthesia can increase the anxiety, as many people feel very vulnerable in that situation.


Anesthesia is safer than ever, and administered by a certified anesthesiologist to avoid discomfort during a procedure. You and your plastic surgeon can customize your Mommy Makeover to provide you with great results, based on the level of comfort you have about “going under” or not. Here are your options:


General Anesthesia will cause you to be completely unconscious, unable to feel any discomfort or remember anything during your surgery. The medication is administered intravenously or by using an inhalation mask. Once you are unconscious, your vitals are consistently monitored. In general, this is for people who want to have no memory of what happened to them. Recovery time is much longer right after surgery, requiring time to awaken and continued monitoring of vitals, until all indicates that you are stable and able to leave.


Since Mommy Makeovers are overall surgeries, most all plastic surgeons will utilize general anesthesia. But if you are very apprehensive about being completely under anesthesia, and you are willing to compromise some on your final results, you can have some less invasive procedures done under IV sedation and local anesthesia. With the IV sedation, you will be awake, but you will not feel or remember discomfort. And local anesthesia will numb the area where the procedure is being done. The anesthesiologist will monitor your vitals from start to finish.


But if you are completely opposed to anesthesia or sedation of any type, there still remain procedures which can improve your appearance after having a baby, providing you with some overall post-baby improvements.


Discuss Anesthesia Options For Mommy Makeover in Pearl River, NY


Whatever your comfort level is, relating to anesthesia, bring your concerns to Dr. Fiorillo, when you meet with him about your Mommy Makeover in Pearl River, NY. Set up a consultation today to discuss all the details, from beginning to end. And if you are ready to make your plans, contact Dr. Michael Fiorillo’s plastic surgery center in Nyack, NY today, either online or by phone 845-867-2594. If you do not live in the New York area, then see our “Out of Town” page to learn how to benefit by Dr. Fiorillo’s years of experience, and set up a video consultation to discuss your Mommy Makeover.

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