December 21, 2017

All I Want For Christmas (or the New Year) Is My Pre-Baby Body with My Mommy Makeover

mommy makeover

Now that the days are cold and short, it’s a great time to rest.  Kids are at school and holidays are over for a while.  So, how about using some of that rest time to recuperate from a My Mommy Makeover.  You can choose from a number of treatments to bring your body back to its pre-baby shape.


The most obvious would be an abdominoplasty, otherwise known as a “tummy tuck”.  This procedure is best for women who are in good health, are stable weight-wise, are non-smokers and have expectations that are realistic regarding the results.  


For non-obese women (ranging 10 to 20% of their ideal BMI), with a small amount of excess skin and fat, partial abdominoplasties would be most beneficial.  This procedure is great for women whose trouble area is localized within the lower abdominal area.  Here the tissue can be easily removed with a more narrow incision.  All details pertaining to what is best for you can be discussed with Dr. Fiorillo.


While we all would like to think that we can trim off excess fat and not have to worry about diet and exercise, this is not true, unfortunately.  You will need to be near your desired weight and in good shape and good health.  Keep up with your diet and your exercise, so you will be fit and healthy for a My Mommy Makeover.


Call us at Dr. Fiorillo’s office (845-867-2594) for details regarding any procedures that can bring you to your pre-baby body for 2018

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