January 13, 2018

Spring Is Coming – Schedule A Mommy Makeover In New York

mommy makeover

It doesn’t seem possible but in only a couple months spring will be here.  Trees will start looking pinkish with buds ready to pop open at the first sign of good, warm weather and everyone will be shedding their heavy winter clothes.  Face it, we can hide a lot in those heavy clothes. Maybe, for a number of years, you have been wanting to deal with the effects of being pregnant, or maybe you’re a new mommy, either way you may want to return to your pre-pregnancy figure.  Dr. Fiorillo has a program called the Mommy Makeover in New York that can do just that.


Mommy makeovers usually consist of bringing your breasts back into shape after nursing, either lifting, reducing or enhancing. For enhancements, Dr. Fiorillo highly recommends Gummy Bear breast implants.  And then for your tummy, usually a tummy tuck and/or liposuction.  These procedures only take a few hours depending on the extent of the work you want.  Of course, at your consultation, you and Dr. Fiorillo will discuss the details of your goals, the benefits of various procedures, and length of time for the procedures and recovery.


The kids are in school now until June without a lot of major holidays.  The days are colder and you want to rest in your warm house (or be pampered in a hotel, if you come from a distance) anyway.   Why not use this time to get a Mommy Makeover with Dr. Fiorillo, while life is a little quieter and you can recuperate, without the extra pull of outdoor activities, sunshine, and children home all day from school.


Dr. Fiorillo is high in demand from people all over the country.  Many people travel miles for his expertise, artistic eye and kind manner.  Call today, to set up a consultation 845-867-2594

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