September 9, 2015

Renew Your Confidence With a Mommy Makeover


Maternity and childbirth are beautiful and important times in a woman’s life. The miracle of bringing another living being into this world is one for new mothers, and the family as a whole, to cherish. Even so, childbirth brings with it a new set of challenges, ranging from sleepless nights to learning to take care of a little one.

There are physical challenges associated with postpartum mothers as well, given the toll that the birth process takes on the body. Pregnancy can stretch out your abdominal area, leaving muscles less firm than before as well as loose skin. Breasts, through breast-feeding, can droop or sag, and the areolas can enlarge. Often, even the most vigilant dieters and exercisers have difficulty returning to their pre-baby figure.

Fortunately, Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo and his experienced team offer a solution to help restore your body and send your self-esteem through the roof.  Dr. Fiorillo, a double board certified cosmetic surgeon, has helped numerous women, thanks to his mommy makeover series of cosmetic of procedures.

The mommy makeover is usually a combination an abdominoplasty, liposuction, and a breast procedure (breast lift, augmentation, or reduction). Each client is unique and therefore, has different needs and ideal results. Dr. Fiorillo and the rest of our team speak with you personally to help you attain your best self.

Feeling good is so intimately linked to looking good. As a new mother busy juggling a child, a family and a career, we strive to give you the body you desire, allowing you to tackle your hectic schedule with confidence and aplomb. Many clients of ours have been thrilled to express how their mommy makeovers have given them that extra boost at work and at home. Schedule an appointment at our convenient New York or New Jersey locations and learn how we can help you look your best. Call 845-867-2594 today.

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