Out of Town Patients

plane1Dr. Fiorillo brings his patients back to their pre-pregnancy look with a set of procedures affectionately referred to as “My Mommy Makeover”. His unparalleled skill and proven results, are known all over the globe inviting many out of town patients to seek his expertise. Along with his work as a premier cosmetic surgeon in the New York area, he also lectures and trains his colleagues in proper surgical procedures.  Preferably in breast implants (especially Gummy Bears), and other techniques to rejuvenate his patients’ looks.


To help mommies, Dr. Fiorillo has arranged for special complimentary rates at the trendy Times Hotel in Nyack, NY, as well as the Pearl River Hilton in Pearl River, NY. He understands that sometimes patients either live too far away or live locally and just need a short break to rest and recuperate. For some patients, this is also an opportunity to be out of public view of friends, co-workers, etc. during this process, allowing for some degree of anonymity and privacy. Whether you live in California, Europe or across the state-line in New Jersey, all are welcome to enjoy the amenities.


Resting in luxury at the hotel may be an excellent break, but we also like to encourage our patients to take advantage of the many sights and attractions in the Rockland County area, such as: antiquing, the huge Palisades Center Mall , cruises on the Hudson River and of course, for those who like hustle and bustle….New York City.
Complimentary rates are available:
At Pearl River Hilton in Pearl River, NY, Dr. Fiorillo’s patients should mention “Dr. Fiorillo’s Advanced Surgery Center”.
At the Time Hotel in Nyack, NY, you can provide the discount code MFMD upon making your reservation. Call or contact Dr. Fiorillo’s office at 845-671-3202 for more information on this great opportunity. 

For a complete list of amenities and additional information visit The Time’s website or the Pearl River Hilton’s website.


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