Non-Invasive Services in New York & New Jersey Area

There’s no doubt that as a new mother, one of the most important things in your life is your child. However, it’s just as important to take some time to pamper yourself, even if your schedule is too busy for a full on Mommy Makeover. With Dr. Fiorillo, Mommies can treat themselves to a variety of cosmetic enhancement procedures that are completely non-surgical. No surgery means no anesthesia or downtime, so after your relaxing day you’ll be ready to get back to all the new challenges of motherhood.

Watch this video to hear Dr. Fiorillo give his advice about using injectables to enhance your appearance.

Body Treatments

Spas have always been about feeling good, but there’s something to be said about looking good as well. We go beyond waxing and massages – you also can experience some of the most cutting-edge fat-loss procedures available.

We offer:


  • CoolSculpting and Dual CoolSculpting – innovative treatments that freezes stubborn fat cells in common trouble areas until they crystallize and die. Dual CoolSculpting now offers the ability to simultaneously use 2 machines for 2 different areas of fat focus.
  • TriPollar – a brand new procedure that uses radiofrequency technology to heat the skin until the underlying fat cells begin to shrink
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Body Wraps
  • Body Scrubs
  • Customized Facials
  • Waxing


As a new mother, you certainly have a lot more worries on your plate. Don’t let those worry lines get the best of you – we offer a variety of injectables to help soften wrinkles and fine lines, so you can maintain your youthful look for years to come.

We offer:



Laser Treatments

Our spa was created with your wants and needs in mind. With recent advancements in laser technology, many cosmetic procedures are more accessible than ever before. From skin resurfacing to cellulite reduction, we can handle any request you may have.

We offer:

Vein Removal

  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Vein Removal
  • Wrinkle Reduction
  • Hair Removal/Cutera XEO
  • Skin Tightening
  • Skin Resurfacing
  • Freckle/Acne/Sunspot Removal
  • Laser Genesis/Photo Facial
  • Spider Vein Removal
  • IPL (Sunspot, Hyperpigmentation Removal)

So whether you want a complete Mommy Makeover, or just want to treat yourself to a relaxing day at the spa coupled with the newest cosmetic enhancement treatments, Dr. Fiorillo has a solution for every new mommy. To schedule an appointment or consultation. You can reach him online or by calling 845-867-2594.


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