September 1, 2017

Next Gen Liposuction To Propel Expansion

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Advanced liposuction devices becoming available in New York will power double-digit growth in this sector through at least 2022, according to a recent report.

Both men and women are expected to take advantage of new technologies, such as laser-assisted liposuction. LAL targets fat cells much more closely, thus reducing some of the unwanted yet temporary and mild side-effects commonly associated with this procedure, such as bruising, swelling, and numbness. In most cases, the end result – tighter and smoother skin – far outweighs these complications.

Although North America should experience most of the growth, demand should rise in the Asia Pacific region as well, mostly because the new techniques represent a paradigm shift for many people in these cultures.

Liposuction’s Story

These new devices should make liposuction easier to perform, easier to recover from, and also cost less, which is good news for everyone.

This industry is actually long overdue for a revolution, because the last one probably took place in 1986, when a California doctor pioneered tumescent liposuction. Previously, liposuction patients went under general anesthetic for a highly invasive surgical procedure that often produced uneven results and had an extended recovery time.

In tumescent liposuction, which we perform as part of most New York Mommy Makeovers, Dr. Fiorillo gives the patient a local anesthetic and uses microcannula to gently extract fat cells.

Liposuction and Pregnancy

Most women gain about thirty-five pounds during pregnancy, and petite moms may gain significantly more weight than that. Much of that weight is additional fat and baby weight that goes away rather quickly with diet and exercise, but some of it does not go away that easily, because of permanent body changes.

So, unless you are willing to accept permanent weight gain, liposuction in New York may be about the only other option.

Double Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Fiorillo has performed thousands of these procedures over the years, either by themselves or along with other components of a Mommy Makeover, such as breast lifts or breast augmentations. The technique has been refined so much over the years that the results patients get in clinics today may be significantly better than the ones obtained just a few years ago, and the same thing may be true in another few years as well.

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