August 3, 2017

More Women Want Smaller Nipples

British researchers report a 30 percent uptick in nipple reduction procedures, a significant departure from previous years.

Dr. Dan Marsh says the trend is in line with the move towards breast augmentation procedures that involve a smaller size increase. Several years ago, may patients wanted a DD or E size, and now, a D or C cup is more popular. In this particular survey, people viewed nipple pictures and ranked them according to their attractiveness. If the nipple took up 25 to 30 percent of the breast size, when viewed straight on, almost all respondents said that it looked “just right.”

Many doctors and patients say that large nipples make breasts look less youthful, and small nipples significantly improve the breasts’ appearance.

About Breast Reductions

Abnormally large breasts often lead to both emotional and physical issues. Many women are understandably quite self-conscious about excess size, particularly in certain social and intimate situations. Furthermore, in one recent study, over 50 percent of women with disproportionately-sized breasts reported significant shoulder and neck pain.

Most healthy women who have at least one mild physical symptom, such as neck pain or shoulder strap indentations, are good candidates for breast reduction, if they are also self-conscious about their appearance.

After the patient is anesthetized, Dr. Fiorillo will perform one of three agreed-upon procedures:

  • Many times, a circular incision around the areola is enough to remove excess fat. A bra or swimsuit easily conceals the minimal scars.
  • In some cases, a keyhole-shaped incision is more appropriate, if there is more tissue to remove.
  • For more advanced procedures, meaning that the patient wants a significant size reduction, Dr. Fiorillo uses an inverted anchor-shaped incision that extends along much of the front of the breast. While more invasive, the results are often much more life-changing as well.

Most of these procedures take between two and five hours.

Afterwards, Dr. Fiorillo will bandage the area and probably include a small tube to collect any excess drainage. Most patients can go back to work within a few days and take the bandages off within a few weeks, after which they may resume all normal activities.

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