November 10, 2018

My Mommy Makeover Will Include What?

While you might think that Mommy Makeover is a surgery in one area, like the tummy or breasts, it actually consists of a number of treatments provided at the same time or over a few weeks or months. Carrying a baby for nine months and then breastfeeding, affects the body dramatically, and everyone’s body responds differently. You should discuss all the possibilities relating to getting back to your pre-baby shape with your doctor.


The common issues in both tummy and breast area is increase in size and then a sudden decrease, leaving skin stretched out and then drooping or flabby after weight is lost and breastfeeding is done. Fat distributes and redistributes differently also, causing buttocks and hips to be out of proportion and love handles to form. Exercise and diet can take care of some of it, but not much can make the skin shrink back to pre-baby condition. Usually breast augmentation with or without a lift procedure is an option, or just a breast lift procedure, which is more popular now than ever. For the tummy, there is a traditional Tummy Tuck to remove excess skin. And let’s not forget the non-invasive CoolSculpting to remove some of that displaced fat and Emsculpt to help tone up the underlying muscles, while resting after a long day of work or during a lunch break. All these procedures can be discussed with Dr. Fiorillo to customize a plan that relates to your specific needs.


Customize Your Look with the Leading Mommy Makeover Specialist in New York

For an “in person” or video consultation, to discuss what your own personal Mommy Makeover will consist of, contact Dr. Fiorillo New York’s leading Mommy Makeover specialist, either online or by phone 845-867-2594. You can meet him by video consult, if you are not conveniently located. See our “Out of Town” page for information about arranging a stay at one of the hotels that we have partnered with, the Time Hotel or Pearl River Hilton.

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