July 1, 2016

Mommy Makeover: Liposuction

Mommy makeovers are widely popular nowadays and here’s why: because they give new mommies their confidence back by transforming their bodies back to normal. It’s a wonderful miracle! One part of a mommy makeover is liposuction. It slims and contours the body by removing fat and making sure fat deposits do not return.

Liposuction works best in these parts of the body: abdomen, waist, thighs, hips, butt, arms, neck, back, inner knee, chest area, cheeks, chin, ankles, and calves.

Liposuction is good for new mommies who are not breast feeding, who are eating healthy, who are exercising, and just can’t seem to get rid of stubborn baby fat.

The procedure is performed by Dr. Fiorillo, a double board certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing since 1998. He has performed thousands of successful surgeries and is a national speaker and writer. The procedure can last anywhere from 1 to 5 hours, just depending on how much fat is being removed from the entire body.

You can usually return to work in a few days, but are encourage to stay away from strenuous activities for about a month following your surgery. You will be able to see results immediately and they will improve as swelling goes down over time.

As there are risks with any surgery, here are a few with liposuction: infections, slow healing, fat clots, blood clots, shock, fluid accumulation, burns, perforation injury, lidocaine toxicity, or bad drug reactions. Again, these are only risks and are highly unlikely to occur.

If you are a new mommy interested in a mommy makeover call Dr. Fiorillo about the mommy makeover options. Liposuction is very popular along with breast augmentation and tummy tucks. Call today for your free consultation to find out what the best process would be for your mommy makeover.

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