December 1, 2014

Mommy Makeover Can Rejuvenate Mommy’s Post-Pregnancy Body

Having your own baby is one of the greatest joy you can have as a woman. With those cute eyes, tiny hands and feet – that adorable smile, you can never ask for more. Then, one day, you looked in the mirror and you realized that you look different. Your body just doesn’t look the same before you gave birth. A lot of things happened to your body. You gain weight, then lose it suddenly. You are breast feeding.

You now find it hard to get back the body you had before pregnancy. Then, you start to feel uncomfortable with your own body. You’ll feel extremely self-conscious when you are with your husband or around people. These feelings can have a negative effect on your relationship and social life.

The Solution

Get a Mommy Makeover. This makeover is specifically designed to bring back the body you once had before giving birth. It reverses the wear and tear caused by having a baby. It can consist of 2 or more surgical procedures, they are:

  • Breast Augmentation/Enhancement – This is the most popular procedure. It restores the fullness of breasts that have lost volume due to breastfeeding. It places silicone or saline implants on the breasts.
  • Breast Lift – Breast tissue will be lifted, excess skin will be removed, and nipples and areolas will also be moved or reduced in size. It lifts sagging breasts.
  • Breast Reduction – It reduces the size of breasts by removing excess fat, tissue and skin.
  • Tummy Tuck – Also called Abdominoplasty. It removes excess and loose skin in the tummy. Tummy tuck tightens the abdominal wall to flatten the abdomen and stomach area, and get rid of tummy stretch marks.
  • Liposuction – Also called body contouring. It removes fatty deposits in different areas of the body after pregnancy. The result is having a more contoured appearance, as if you did not give birth at all.

Is it Safe?

Surgeries carry inherent risks, but the procedures on the Mommy makeover are generally safe and have low risks of complications.

Who are the Qualified Mommies for Makeover?

Any mommy who wants to regain her pre-pregnancy body. As long as you are healthy and no longer breastfeeding, you are qualified. You can also ask for an assessment from your Doctor.

Who is Qualified to Do the Mommy Makeover Surgery in New Jersey?

If you are in New Jersey, you can set an appointment with Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo, a renowned cosmetic surgeon worldwide. He is a double board certified cosmetic surgeon. He specialized in breast and body procedures with over 16 years of experience, he is known as one of the most experienced plastic surgeons.

Dr. Fiorillo can help you reclaim your pre-maternity figure, Just choose which surgery packages you need. The procedures are painless and provide a short time for recovery. No need to be confined in bed too long.  So when you need to rejuvenate your post-pregnancy body, call the mommy makeover specialist in New Jersey – Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo.

Mommy, you can now regain your self-esteem and be happier by having a mommy makeover surgery in New Jersey.  Be more confident with your body, see Dr. Fiorillo now!

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