March 13, 2018

Fit and Lean Mommy Make-over Surgery in Pearl River, NY


With good health and fitness being a priority for many moms, it would follow that a fit mom would want to show the tone and muscle that she has worked so hard to develop. Pregnancy can cover up a lot of the results of good exercise and muscle toning. Dr. Fiorillo is the best cosmetic surgeon to meet with, regarding a fit and lean body, not only because he is into exercise himself, but his wife is also a fitness competitor.


A Mommy Makeover usually is a combination of tummy tuck, breast implant or lift, liposuctions, CoolSculpting or a few other techniques to bring your body back into it’s pre-pregnancy shape (or even better). Dr. Fiorillo is like none other in these techniques, guiding and advising you, so you can look the best that you can look.


Katie “KJ” James (fitness model) says this about Dr. Fiorillo:  “I set out on a mission to find THE surgeon for my body type and my lifestyle. Knowing that most doctors do not specialize or have much experience with fitness competitors or extremely active women, I thought it would be near impossible. Doing extensive research and word of mouth, a friend of mine suggested her surgeon I called and spoke with Kara over the phone and was set up with a consultation that next week. The consultation was everything and more that I could have wanted. Dr. Fiorillo was and is hands down THE best Dr. His bedside manner is unparalleled to anyone. He made sure to answer all questions I had and took his time. Never rushed me or made me feel iffy about what we were going to be doing. He would make suggestions but never pushed anything and made sure I was FULLY comfortable with the end decision and results.”


Across the globe Fit and Lean Mommy Makeover Surgery in Pearl River, NY

No matter where you live, you can get a fit and lean Mommy Makeover with Dr. Fiorillo. He has partnered with the Time Hotel getting reduced rates for his clients. Discuss your concerns by video consultation. Then when you make your appointment for surgery, also book a room at the Time Hotel and plan sightseeing, antiquing, shopping, a Hudson River cruise or dinner and a show in New York City. To read more, click here, so you can learn how to get special rates.

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