August 22, 2016

Discussing a Mommy Makeover For When You’re Over 40

Over the next few months, we will look at the reasons behind why women of so many different backgrounds are choosing to get a mommy makeover and reclaim their body after pregnancy. Although the term can sometimes lead to some confusion, mommy makeovers aren’t only for new mothers. The procedures of a mommy makeover apply to any woman who has (or hasn’t) had children, either recently or otherwise. In this article, I would like to look at the experience of mothers over 40, and how a mommy makeover can play a role in their future.

Everybody ages at a different rate, and sometimes an individual’s mentality will age at a drastically different rate than their outward appearance. Some women want their outward appearance to more accurately reflect how they feel; some women just want to look good. Beauty begets youth, and looking healthier often makes one feel healthier. The reasons are always personal, but they all revolve around:

When you Want to Take Control Again

Many women at this age are dating after divorce or death of a spouse and need to recapture confidence in their body. Some women may have suffered from injuries or illnesses that have prevented them from adequate exercise. Some women may have had issues they’ve wanted to correct for decades but couldn’t justify the costs until now. Every mom has her personal reason for getting a makeover, and women over 40 are no exception. Life will throw a lot at you, luckily in today’s age, you can take back control over how you are presented to the world.

Tips When Getting Elective Procedures Past 40:

  • There is time. Sometimes the weight of years will create a sense of increased urgency after a breakup or finding yourself newly single. The truth is that people are finding love, and passion, decades past the time period we are even discussing. Life is short, but you still have time.
  • This is actually a very typical age. The average age for women getting these types of procedures is slightly younger (about 34-38) but that is the average. That means an enormous amount of women are choosing this age for these procedures.
  • Discuss it with your family and a doctor. This can be a big decision. Make sure you are well informed! Certain doctors like New York-based Dr. Fiorillo are known for the amazing Mommy makeovers they have performed. If you are interested, Feel free to contact Dr. Fiorillo’s office for a free consultation. He can give you all the information about mommy makeover packages and what would be best for you.
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