August 1, 2016

How Beautiful Moms Have Taken Over the Media

The new single by Fergie titled ‘MILF $’ isn’t just another sexy pop hit; this one has a twist, and you may have guessed it by the title. This new video stars the hottest mom’s in Hollywood, and if you think about it, these stars are also some of the sexiest people in Hollywood, period. Stars like Mila Kunis and Kim Kardashian aren’t known for being “Hot Moms” they are just known for being hot. What happened that has allowed the moms of our era to steal the spotlight, and stay in it, nearly as quickly and easily as their childless counterparts?

Traditionally even fit mothers have struggled to regain the bodies they had before children. Sometimes it can be nearly impossible to lose the “Baby Weight”. Even the effects of breastfeeding leave a lasting toll on the body. For celebrities, this change used to mean the end of a career, but now many have begun opting for a “mommy makeover” procedure? Is this the reason they have been taking, and holding, the red carpet by storm?

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover may contain a number of procedures aimed at helping a mother regain her figure. This may mean a tummy tuck, or possibly a breast lift, enhancement or reduction that many stars like Jenni Farley (and Victoria Beckham?) have been rumored to have received.

Patricia Heaton, the star of “Everybody Loves Raymond” received a tummy tuck in order to regain her body and self-esteem. Her tummy tuck was able to help her feel comfortable again in a body she originally felt was lost to her after multiple c-sections.

Liposuction remains an ever popular choice for removing stubborn baby weight in problem areas, and ensuring it doesn’t return.

With all of the innovations involved in Mommy Makeover procedures, mom’s are staying looking young and sexy longer than ever. At this rate, it may soon seem like the hottest Hollywood starlets are moms more often than not.

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